Manage inverters & batteries from any brand in One Portal

Manage your own solar portal and customize everything - from alert threshold down to branding.

Hundreds of inverter & battery brands supported

Hundreds of inverters & battery brands supported

An intuitive portal to help you monitor installations of any scale

“With our All-In-One platform, we empower solar installers & maintenance companies to report alert & analyze in a unified manner, while serving as a whitelabel customer portal to reinfore their brand”

We connect in various ways: directly via API, via an intermediate data logger (e.g. Solar Log, Webdynsun), via a power plant controller, via FTP, …


Small scale installations for home- or apartment owners. 


Commercial and Industrial applications, such as offices and warehouses.


Large scale utility installations of importance. 

One Portal for Inverters, Batteries & Meters

With the Solar Gateway you can read out any solar inverter or datalogger that has a data interface (modbus RTU, TCP, S0).

  • Brand independent (SMA, Fronius, Huawei, ABB and more)
  • Instant access to the online platform of Solar Supervision
  • Plug & play
  • Personalised templates
  • Financial Report for investors and banks) 
  • Internal Report
  • Production Report
  • PR Report
  • Reporting for a combination of installations
  • Alerting at installation, inverter and string level
  • Set your own alert thresholds 
  • Ticketing
  • Multiple profiles (Admin, installer, user)
  • Unlimited users

Demo Portal

Take a tour of our platform and explore all the features yourself.


Follow up on Curtailment / Redispatch 2.0

We recently helped a number of companies to read out anti-injection systems and to process these figures in reports.


The Big Score

Recently we were guests at the Big Score, organized by P&G.


We joined imec.istart

This is the new generation of tech start-ups from accelerator imec.istart​

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