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25 jun 2023

In-Depth Overview of our solar asset management tool

Pieter goes through all the features of the platform and shows a demo with the platform.


An overview of the most important freatures of our whitelabel monitoring tool:

 One glance 

View the most important performance parameters for all your solar installations.

All KPIs centralized: 

  • Performance ratio (PR)
  • Yield
  • Uptime / downtime
  • Amount of  inverters  active / defect / offline
  • Free choice of ratio’s 
  • Availability
  • Energy: usage, production , normalised, simulations & analysis
  • Energy Performance Index
  • Installed capacity/power DC
  • Revenues
  • Rates & tarifs
  • Voltage, current, power factor

Weather data

Compare performance with the weather data for each location: sun duration, irradiation. 

Performance in perspective

  • Performance ratio linked to pyranometers or weather stations.
  • Production predictions based on irradiation forecasts.

User Management

Managing access was never this simple.

Access for different types of users

With Solar Supervision you can manage and add your customers, technicians and admins in a user friendly  manner. 

  • Access to various inverter brands from one central portal.
  • Access to all production or financial reports/analytics. 

Automatic reporting

A personalized report in no time.

Bye bye spreadsheets

For internal or external use.

  • Yield reporting
  • Financial reporting 
  • Group reporting (combo of different installations)

Detect the weakest link

Tracking down problems within your portfolio is extremely easy thanks to our analyses.

Interactive live maps

  • A quick overview of the poorly performing installations.
  • Follow up down to the last detail (string, optimiser, …)

White label Monitoring

Your brand logo on our platform.

Strenghten your brand 

A platform completely according to your corporate identity and part of your own ecosystem.

  • Your logos
  • Accessible via your URL
  • Color scheme in accordance with your corporate identity.

Combined view

Combine inverters from different brands and pour them all together in 1 central view.

Uniform system pages

  • Leave comments for your staff or the end customer.
  • Visualise energy consumption registered by energy meters.

Indispensible Analytics

A fast visual check or a detailed comparison, Solar Supervision provides nifty tools.  

From data to decisions

  • Compare on string & inverter level 
  • Compare sensors and energy meters
  • Financial, technical and maintenance analytics 
  • Various visualisations  (heatmap, piecharts, barcharts, scatter plots…).

Alarm Management and Ticketing

Set your own alarm thresholds independent from the supporting portals.

More efficiency from alarm processing 

  • Overarching registration & processing
  • Allocating diverse priorities
  • Send alarms by email, pop-up, or text message
  • Integration with your ERP-system/digital work orders 
  • Ticketing within Solar Supervision


Share production numbers with the wider public through infographics.

Narrowcasting solutions

Fight climate change and show off your efforts with real time performance data:

  • CO2-reduction
  • Savings measures
  • Current production

Everything centralised in no time

Get started fast with a minimum of effort. We provide you with FTP credentials or you provide us with a guestaccount from the portals of the inverters that you wish to monitor. 

Complementary Products

Solar Gateway

With Solar Supervision we can read & control inverters without the need to purchase and install additional hardware – if they are already connected to a platform (e.g. Sunny Portal). We collect the data and alarms through the API’s.

In case inverters don’t link up with an already existing platform, we can read and collect data via Modbus through our very own Solar Gateway. This allows you to enjoy detailed monitoring, eventhough your employed inverters are not IoT or cloud supported.

For all energy sectors

Asset Managers

Manage your solar portfolio in one go. A single platform to centralise your data and analytics. Facitilitate your operations and maintentance with alarm management and automated periodical reporting.

Energy Cooperatives & Investors

Involve your stakeholders in the technical and financial performance of the solar plants or show the impact of sustainable investments to the general public through Solar Supervision.

EPC & Installers

Solar Supervision as an overarching platform for the management of your energy systems: solar panels, cogeneration, heating and cooling, HVAC, swimming pools, energy meters, and much more.

We will send you an email with the login credentials in a few moments.

We will send you an email with the login credentials in a few moments.