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Our platform can be fully tailored to your business' branding.

User Management

Add different roles for management, installers, users, and more.


Receive reports for various purposes.

All KPI's centralized

View the most valuable information first

Performance ratio’s are calculated by comparing the average yield with the expected yield. This expected yield is carefully calculated using various factors, such as the type of inverter, location, weather data and more. 

The power produced of the installation.

Tracking each inverter for down- and uptime. This is even easier to track using our advanced alarm management systems. 

The amount of inverters in an installation – ordered alphabetically, by PR, yield, and more. 

Set various ratio’s to see specific detailed data. 

Track energy usage, production, normalized, simulations & analysis

Energy Performance Index (EPI) is the key metric used for benchmarking energy usage in residential and commercial buildings. EPI is the energy used per unit area measured as kWh/m2/year or kWh/person/year.

The total power output of the installation.

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With years of experience in Europe, we’ve gathered a large set of hardware integrations that cover the most commonly used inverters and batteries.


Our portal automatically monitors all your installations.

Alarm Management

Multi-layered alarms notify you and keep your installations safe


Compare installations with eachother

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